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Unable To Connect To The PostgreSQL Database When Starting FTK

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FTK Postgre SQL Fails to start service and you get a message when starting FTK “Failed to connect to Database”




Possible Solutions 1: Clear Transaction Logs See below on commands to use.

Open a Command Prompt (as Administrator)

CD into the PostgreSQL bin folder (usually “C:\Program Files\AccessData\PostgreSQL\9.1\bin”).

pg_resetxlog.exe “[pgData folder location]”



Possible Solutions 2: Warning Please backup PostgreSQL Data before starting.

Step 1: Make sure FTK PostgreSQL Service is stopped (Most likely it can’t even start up). Rename the PostgreSQL data folder to something else.

Insert FTK cd or mount the install image to your computer.

Do not run install browse to cd and find the standalone install for PostgreSQL install and run it.

Once the install is complete Run FTK and setup and make sure it connects to new database. Then close FTK and Stop the PostgreSQL Service.

Delete the new PostgreSQL data folder and rename your back to the correct name. Then start PostgreSQL service back up and after it start start FTK and you should have all your cases back.


Possible Solutions 3:

Open “regedit.exe”

Check the “ImagePath”. It should look similar to the following:
C:/Program Files/AccessData/PostgreSQL/bin/pg_ctl.exe runservice -N “postgresql-x64-9.1” -D “D:/pgdata” -w