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How to upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7 (Domain Environment or Home Use)

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For Enterprise environment you have to use a installer .exe to do the upgrade most home uses will get a icon in the bottom right hand corner but you can also run the .exe to do the install now instead of waiting. Please use this link below to download ether the 64bit or 32bit installer.

Step 1: Click on Upgrade this PC now or if you want to burn this install to a disc you can do that as well and upgrade from disc to other computers without having to download the install for ever machine.



Step 2: Wait for software to be downloaded.


Now after download it create the windows install media.



Now it is Preparing the computer for the upgrade.



Step 3: Agree to the Terms of Service.





Getting Latest install updates.setup_6




Step 4: Click Install

setup_8Now your whole screen will go blue and the install will start.





Computer will then reboot and start the upgrade and migration of your user profile.setup_10




After install finishes it will reboot again then you will be welcome to your new login screen below.setup_11